Glenn Orndorff

The Heritage Center wouldn't allow any furry friends to attend. Instead, Elvis impersonator Glennelvis, a.k.a. Glenn Orndorff, was enthusiastically cheered on by the crowd, singing a selection of classic Elvis favorites. — Vero News

Glenn Orndorff is a rising singer out of the Treasure Coast of Florida.

With years of experience under his belt, Glenn puts on a show like no other. From country music, gospel music, all the way to Elvis Impersonating, Glenn can do it all.

These days Glenn is branching out of the treasure coast to all around Florida, then planning to branch out even more after that. He has successfully sold out his most recent Elvis show leaving the crowd in complete awe.

If you are looking for reliable, trustworthy, and fun entertainment, then Glenn is your go to guy! From churches to bars to backyard parties, Glenn can cater to almost any kind of event leaving everyone wanting more. You won't find anyone around like Glenn. Keeping the crowd entertained by not only singing but interacting with them throughout shows and after shows as well.