The Motowners

Born May 19th 1969 in Manhattan New York; Derrick attended Dillard School of The Performing arts in Fort Lauderdale and his musical background was deeply rooted in a family tradition of providing music to the community. His maternal grandmother attended New England Conservatory in Boston during the roaring 20's. His mother is an accomplished pianist and a choral music teacher; she had the biggest impact on his early artistic vocal development. The vocal power in his voice was developed and nurtured while singing gospel in the youth AME church choir from as early as 13 years old. Derrick has mastered various styles ranging from Broadway to Motown, along with R&B, Jazz, and traditional pop tunes. His vocal versatility has given him the ability to perform for a vast variety of people from different backgrounds.

He spent the majority of his earlier entertainment career performing in off Broadway shows and performing his one man singing act which developed after working for the Songs of Broadway company from 1987 to 1994. In 2007 Derrick Hadley co founded Black Swan Special Events with his wife Revella Hadley; a personal chef. In 2008 he formed a Motown Tribute band called The Motowners. The combination of Derrick's 25 years of experience in entertainment along with offering event planning and catering; has granted the company the opportunity to be a one stop shop top providers in the field of entertainment, event planning and catering services. In October of 2012; Derrick Hadley and his Motown Tribute Band performed for First Lady Michele Obama and Derrick and the group enjoyed a private photo op.

Derrick Hadley and The Motowners also opened for the legendary Spinners in West Palm Beach at Centennial Park in March of 2011 and he enjoyed a 4 city tour in Spain in January 2010. Derrick Hadley continues to grow the company in general and make boundless opportunities for him and other acts and individuals that he manages through Black Swan Special Events.

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