Nicci Canada

Just Like Lady Ella Used To Do
Genre: Jazz and Contemporary Soul
Charlotte, NC

Nicci Canada is a jazz vocalist. Some sing for fun, some sing because of boredom, and some sing because its in their blood. Being from a family of vocalists, Nicci Canada sings because its natural to her. Nicci Canada uses her voice as a canvas to showcase the truths of the heart and soul. She possesses the ability to connect with her listeners. Her amazing sound flows from the gifts and talents she has been given. Her warm and sultry vocals are reminiscent of an Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday or Nina Simone. In her Ella Fitzgerald tribute she invokes the spirit of Ella Fitzgerald through her show. With the same clean and agile voice that lady had.

Nicci has been surrounded by music her entire life, but the grace and soulful serenity of Jazz called out to her heart. But her dedication to the classics does not mean she is a stranger to the newer sounds. Nicci is equally at home singing many other genres, including the slick and complex grooves of Contemporary Soul. Her phrasing and tone transports us to a time where vocal chops were a requisite to be in the business. Nicci sings songs of love and encouragement that leave audiences with warm feelings. Nicci's songs hearken back to the empowerment singers like Jill Scott and Floetry, Nicci's voice floats on top of the grooves like a cruise liner. Continuing in a long tradition of conscious artists, Nicci provides the feeling of the oasis in the desert.

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