Yamila Cuban Latin Band

The Authentic Cuban Experience
Genre: Salsa, Latin Music
Los Angeles, Ca.

Yamila Guerra is a latin music performer. Salsa's roots reach back to Cuba and Yamila Guerra is honoring that heritage. She lives, breathes, and sweats the Afro-Cuban rhythms that ignite the heart. She has her audiences following the clave like moths to the flame.

From fast paced Salsa Dura to slower sensual Cha-Cha, Yamila can perform any of the larger genres of latin music. Salsa is a layered and nuanced type of percussive song style where each instrument has its own rhythm it plays on. It takes disciple and soul to produce the Salsa sound. With Salsa, in addition to powerful vocalists, you hear strong melodies from brass instruments, hauntingly complex chords after hypnotic montunos from the piano, the ostenata of the tumbao bass lines, the trot of the bongos, the timbales dancing about, the under-girding of the cowbell and clave, and a host of other instruments.

Yamila is taking Cuban music and sharing it with the world. Her international career was started when her passion for this music was displayed on the Cuban Television Program "Para Sentir Amor." Since coming to America, she has been working with Television Companies like Univision and NBC. They chose to use her song "Guajira" in the Universal Pictures film "Hidden Moon," and she is working in concert with the Latin Grammy winner Yalil Guerra on new projects.

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